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1 | Promo VIDEO

Reach new customers with video ads

Brands use video ads to attract new customers through social media and TV spots. Even small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can get in on the action with digital platforms.
promo videos are top of the sales funnel
Recent studies show that 85% of Americans watch videos on the internet.
Popular channels are Youtube, Hulu, Facebook, LinkedIn, and live TV.

Small-to-medium-sized (SMBs) businesses are now able to deploy video ads targeting just their specific audience and service area.
What we do
We plan, script, shoot, and edit commercials from start to finish.

Not just any boring commercial - but one that connects with your target audience, keeps their interest, and sells them your products and services.

We're StoryBrand-certified guides. That means we know how to craft and shoot compelling commercials that help you win big.

Helps potential customers "get it."

Your brand solves a specific problem for a specific group of people. And you do it better than any other brand. A brand message video helps your audience "get it."
brand message videos are middle of the sales funnel
By 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from streaming videos and downloads. (Cisco)

Videos today are what websites were 10-20 years ago.

The brands that effectively adopt video marketing will have an outsized impact on the market. Those who don't adopt video will see it harder and harder to capture traffic and create engagement.
What we do
We plan, script, shoot, and post-produce brand message videos from start to finish.

Brand message videos are highly-polished videos that connect with your audience, explain your product and build trust - all within 2-3 minutes.


Create trust, show social proof, and get the sale

The point of sale is scary for your customers. Testimonials videos reassure them that you can solve their problems.
testimonial videos are near the bottom of the sales funnel
Are you having a high drop-out rate on your sales funnel? Are potential customers not quite sure enough to pull the trigger? 

Testimonials create social proof. What's better at building trust than seeing how other people have benefited from your brand.

Your customers are wired to want to know what others think. Seeing the experiences others have had with your products and services is the key to persuading them to buy from you.
What we do

Testimonial videos work great to dissuade fears, answer questions, and overcome obstacles.

Rank higher and increase website engagement.

You know your customers prefer to watch a video over reading an article. You know videos on your page increase your SEO ranking. We make it easy to produce professional videos every month.
Monthly video content subscription that makes it easy to always have fresh videos
You know people prefer to watch rather than read. You know Google ranks sites with video higher.

But monthly high-quality video is hard to produce.

We make it really easy to come up with ideas, shoot the videos, and professionally produce the video you desperately need.

Imagine being able to show potential clients answers to their questions. Imagine explaining your processes clearly. Imagine showing the benefits of your products and servcies.

Well-made video content adds legitimacy and trust to the brand as well.  
What we do
1. Each month, we'll provide you with video ideas based on your business goals and our research. You can green-light our ideas or provide some of your own.

2. Our production crew will spend half a day shooting professional video at your location. We’ll capture interview-style footage of your team, B-roll, and drone footage as needed to tell your story.

3. Our team handles all of the post-production and delivers one video every week.

It's the easiest way to leverage video for your brand.
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