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We'll explore your brand and learn about your goals. We will set a clear budget and deliverables. Once a proposal is signed we get to work.

Creative Planning

Our team brainstorms until we've landed on an idea that we all love. Then we get to work planning all of the logistics required for a smooth production.


With all the creative direction and planning done - this is the easy part. Our production team shows up to shoot and take as long as we need to get it just right.

85% of Americans consume video regularly
but only a small % of businesses use video

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Create a brand that evokes a feeling in your customers

A brand is not a logo. The term logo is short for logotype, design-speak for a trademark made from a custom-lettered word. (LOGOS is Greek for word).
A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or company. It's a gut feeling because we're all emotional, intuitive beings, despite our best efforts to be rational. When enough individuals arrive at the same gut feeling, a company can be said to have a brand. In other words -- a brand isn't what you say it is. It's what THEY say it is.
What we do
We develop brand identity systems that companies can use to elevate communication across all mediums.

While our speciality is video, we need to first develop a brand identity for for companies that don't yet have a solid brand identity. Then we can move into creating compelling video.

Reach new customers with video commercials

Video ads are one of the most popular brands share their message. Even small/medium companies can get in on the action with digital platforms.
With the advent of the internet, recent studies show that 85% of Americans watch videos on the internet.
Popular channels are Youtube, Hulu, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

Small and Medium sized companies are now able to deploy video ads targeting just the audience and geographical areas they do business in.
What we do
We plan, script, shoot, and edit commercials from start to finish.

Not just any commercial - but one that connects with your audience, keeps their interest, and creatively communicates your products and services.

As a graduate of the Harmon Brothers University, we know how to craft and shoot compelling commercials.

Connect with and convert leads through video

The higher the ticket price of a product or service, the more nurture is required to educate and assure potential customers.
High ticket items mean high stakes for your customers. At a certain level, your customers need to be reassured and informed that they aren't making a bad decision. The question they are really asking is "will I regret buying this"?
What we do
Through understanding your customer; their fears, doubts, and questions, we can address the most common obstacles. This is typically done through an automatic email or text campaign, after they become a lead.

Explain your product or service with video content

It doesn't matter if your product is better than your competitors if your customers don't understand it.
An explainer video does just that - it explains how to use a product, or the how a service works. Typically used on a product page, these types of videos are shown to increase sales for many product categories. The trend points to customers preferring to watch a video rather than read text.
What we do
Imagine what being able to communicate your products value and functionality in 60 seconds or less would do to your conversion rate.

The well-made explainer video not only explains the value of a product or service, but adds legitimacy and trust to the brand as well.
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