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What it's like to work at Mullet Cabinet

A recruiting video for Mullet Cabinet
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Here's what it is like to work at Mullet Cabinet

Mullet Cabinet has a fun & dynamic work culture that promotes personal growth. Mullet Cabinet reached out to us to create some video collateral to help them promote employment opportunities at their company. We created two videos - one aimed at adults, and one at teenagers.

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Mullet Cabinet
Mullet Cabinet

Our approach

We set out to create a set of recruiting videos to promote the opportunities and work culture for Mullet Cabinet. We had a number of interviews with Mullet Cabinet employees as well as spent a day filming.
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Creative Planning

Mullet Cabinet approached us to create a some videos they could use to help their recruiting efforts.

Shooting on Location

The video was shot at their manufacturing facility. We used a combination interview and b-roll footage to create these videos.

Post Production

In post production, we cut the interview to be interesting and then added b-roll.

Video Delivery

We delivered the final video within 30 days of shooting.
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