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Rosalee Schlabach



Rosalee's Life Story

Rosalee's story of grief, loss and God's goodness.
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Rosalee's story of grief and redemption

Rosalee's husband died in an accident and she was left to try to put back together a broken life. Grief was a huge part of everyday life but with the help of God and His goodness she is able to share her story of redemption today!

She now shares her story at churches, conferences and retreats. Rosalee shares how important it is to talk about grief openly, and how God can create beauty even from ashes.

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Surely God wouldn't allow my husband to die at a time when I needed him so much...
Rosalee Schalbach
Rosalee Schlabach

Our approach

Instead of relying on gimmicks or tricks, we simply made Rosalee and her compelling story the central focus of the video.
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Creative Planning

We began our creative planning by looking at the concept that we wanted to portray in the video. Our team came up with some ideas for the video's storyboard.


We filmed at Rosalee's house in order to capture the authentic feel of the story. We wanted to capture the essence of her experience. We also captured b-roll to help us illustrate the story in the video.


Once filming was completed, we worked on the final touches to the video. This included color grading, sound design, and motion graphics.

Revisions & Delivery

We worked with the client to make sure it told the story as they had imagined it, and then delivered it to them in time for them to use at their conference.
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