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Paving Your Driveway: What to Expect

Ten videos to answer questions, improve search engine ranking, and engage with customers on social media.
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Ten videos to answer questions, improve search engine ranking, and engage with customers on social media.

The average homeowner knows little about paving, so when they are considering hiring a company to pave their driveway, they often have many unanswered questions.

Kingsway Services recognized this need and hired us to produce video content that they can use on blogs and  in marketing campaigns to educate homeowners about why they should consider paving, what the process entails and how long it takes.

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When you've decided to invest in your driveway with Kingsway Services. Here's what to expect:
Kingsway Services
Kingsway Services

Our approach

Kingsway Services provides commercial and residential asphalt. They offer fantastic customer service, and wanted to create videos that helped answer customers questions. We shot on location as asphalt was being laid. The videos are short, informative, and punchy. When used in conjunction with blog posts, these videos will help Kingsway Services rank for valuable SEO keywords that will drive potential customers to their site.
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Creative Planning

We helped Kingsway Services identify some of the top questions that customers may have about their service and then created ten videos that answer those questions.

Shooting on Location

These videos were shot on location at an asphalt job in Holmes County Ohio to provide maximum authenticity and visual interest. We used a few various camera angles to capture different viewpoints.

Post Production

Our staff cut and compiled the footage for the ten videos, ensuring that the films were coherent in tone and brand voice. We then added motion graphics and background music.

Video Delivery

We handled a few revisions until the Kingsway team was happy with the videos. They plan to use them on their website and social media.
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