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Maggie's Warehouse

A video ad for Maggie's Warehouse
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Customized high-quality cutting boards that make great gifts

Maggie's Warehouse specializes in unique, personalized cutting boards. Their mission is to provide thoughtful gifts for your friends and loved ones. They believe that every gift should be a work of art, so they take pride in designing quality products that can last a lifetime.

They approached us because they wanted a video ad to drive sales and conversions.

We used a simple, clear messaging framework clearly communicate the problem many customers face around the holiday season. We then crafted an engaging 60-second video ad that positioned Maggies Warehouse as the solution to the problem, highlighting how easy it is to create a custom gift for your loved ones this holiday season.

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"Your search for the perfect gift is over"
Maggies Warehouse
Maggies Warehouse

Our approach

The concept for the video ad was built around the customers core problem - finding the perfect gift is difficult.
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Messaging Framework

First, we created a clear story using a messaging framework that helped us clarify the customers primary problem.

Creative Pre-production

We wrote a script that positioned Maggie's Warehouse as the guide that makes solving their customers problem easy


We shot shot the video at multiple locations using actors as well as Mark, the owner of the company.


Lastly, we edited the video and created two different versions for social media.
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