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Hand-Forged Metal

A cinematic 90 second release film for Abner Henry
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"Hand forged metals - The lost art of blacksmithing to turn raw elements into a masterpiece."

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Abner Henry has featured hand-forged metals in their furniture for as long as they have been in business, but felt like some of their audience wasn't aware of the hand-forged aspect. They were after a on-brand campaign to properly introduce hand forged metal to their audience.

We were asked to produce a cinematic video and some still photography that could be used to reintroduce hand-forged metal to their audience. We scripted, directed, and produced this film prior to adopting the Brantbury Studio name in late 2021.

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"Hand forged metals - The lost art of blacksmithing to turn raw elements into a masterpiece."
Abner Henry
Abner Henry

Our approach

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First, we created a clear brand message around the core concept. Then we workshopped a handful of ideas that would communicate the important ideas while also building the brand image.


After a few iterations, we ended up with the script and storyboard that made it to the final. It's delivered in a deep gravely voice with an epic undertone.


This project took two full days of shooting. We handled the logistics - coordinating schedules, hiring the professionals and actors, and We also found and hired a pair of horses that featured in the sleigh scenes.

Post Production

In post, we worked on the pacing and storyline until both we and our client were happy.
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