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Gym Floor Maintenance

How to professionally clean and maintain your gym floor by The Ohio Floor Company.
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Here's how to clean and maintain your wooden gym floor

One of the most frequent questions The Ohio Floor Company would get after every new gym floor installation was "How do I maintain this floor?" They hired us to create a professionally shot video as a resource to provide for their customers after every new flooring installation.

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Larry Wade
The Ohio Floor Company

Our approach

We set out to create a instructional video that accomplished clearly showed how to clean and maintain a wooden gym floor while keeping the high-end brand that The Ohio Floor Company has established.
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Creative Planning

We worked with Larry from the Ohio Floor Company to write a script for the video and planned shots for each part of the vide.

Shooting on Location

The video was shot at Garaway School in Sugarcreek. We used a combination of talking head footage and b-roll footage to create this video.

Post Production

In Post production, edited the video to match the Ohio Floor Company brand.

Video Delivery

We delivered the final video within 30 days of shooting and completed a few simple revisions as requested.
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