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Global Pet Security



Global Pet Security

An explainer video for Global Pet Security
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A digital app to keep your pet's profile, medical records, and a powerful lost and found function in one easy to use app.

Global Pet Security designed a digital profile for your pet that allows you to store important information about your pet, but also access a powerful GPS locating service should your pet ever get lost. We were asked to create a video that explains the functionality of the app in an easy to understand way.

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Get Global Pet Security today and have peace of mind about your pet's well being!
Global Pet Security
Global Pet Security

Our approach

Global Pet Security wanted a video that explained the value of their app, as well as how to use it. We produced three versions: a short, long, and vertical version so they can use it across all of their platforms.
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Creative Planning

We wrote a script and storyboard for this video, and then collaborated with our client until they were happy with it.

Shooting on Location

The video was shot in Strasburg Ohio, at a residential house. We shot this video in one day with a four-man crew.

Post Production

The most intense part of post production of this video was the motion graphics. For the ending sequence, we grabbed a sequence from Google Earth Studio, and added logos across the city with motion tracking data.

Video Delivery

After a single round of revisions, we delivered the final video digitally to Global Pet Security.
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