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Custom Home Showcase

A video showcasing a high-end custom home built by Sonrise Construction
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A video showcasing a high-end custom home built by Sonrise Construction

Designing a custom home can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make and it's hard to know where to start.

Sonrise Construction has been designing custom homes for many years, and help their clients every step of the way. Their team are experts in architecture, engineering, and interior design and more. They take care of everything from concept drawings all the way to completed project, through a worry-free process.

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It doesn't get more exciting than this. It just doesn't.
Sonrise Construction
Sonrise Construction

Our approach

We set out to create a visually beautiful video that told the story of a Sonrise Construction project. Any video for a high-end project like this needs a high-end look to match. We shot on location and then weaved in the narrative of this project as told by Virgil Miller to create a beautiful and compelling project showcase.
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Creative Planning

Sonrise construction was working on a high-end construction project, and wanted a video to showcase the project.

Shooting on Location

These videos were shot on location in Harrison County Ohio. We used a combination of talking head, drone footage, and b-roll to capture a visually beautiful video.

Post Production

We cut and compiled the footage, crafted the storyline to highlight the main points Sonrise Construction wanted to communicate. We then added motion graphics and background music.

Video Delivery

The Sonrise team was very happy with the video and plan to show it to potential clients.
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