How much does it cost to make a video?

Video budgets can vary from almost zero to six figures and above for large-scale projects. Here's how to think through and set a budget for your project.

How much does it cost to make a video? 

Great question! The answer is it depends. Video budgets can vary from almost zero (film it on your phone) to six figures.

In short, your video budget is broken up into three different parts: 

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

Pre-production costs

Pre-production costs depend primarily on whether you are shooting scripted or unscripted videos. If it's just you talking about your business, your products and your values for example, there's a minimal amount of pre-production work required.

However if it's a project like a scripted commercial, there's much more pre-production work to do. There's industry & competitor research, workshopping ideas, and developing a script to name a few. Projects like this can also require finding a shoot location, hiring actors, or acquiring props and costumes.

As a general rule, anything scripted will have much greater pre-production costs than unscripted or loosely scripted content.

Production costs

Production costs depend on a few key factors: Are you wanting a cinematic look that requires studio lighting, fog machines, and other visual tricks? Building or designing a set will significantly increase costs as well. Travel expense is another thing that you should think about if your shoot location is not in Central Ohio.

Another key factor is shooting time. When shooting scripted videos, we need to plan enough time for multiple takes of each scene, to make sure we get exactly what we want from the actors.  Production costs typically are calculated by the day, with most small projects being completed in one day, while some larger projects can take multiple days.

Post-Production costs

Post-production is where editing, sound design and special effects are added to your video. Every video goes through our editing process which includes color correction and sound design. Things that can significantly increase the cost in post-production are things like special effects, green-screens, frame-by-frame masking, motion graphics, and 3d rendering.

Maximizing your video budget

At Brantbury Studio, we know all companies work with budgets. We have the expertise to help you strategically allocate budget, and maximize your bang for your buck. Our ebook "18 Types of Videos to Grow Your Business" includes some tips on how to maximize your budget and get the most bang for your buck in video production. Through a bit of a planning and a few tricks you can significantly increase the value of video planning.

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